Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Westfall, Patsy A. [Wootan]Billy Westfall78Stow, OH05/29/2016
Allen, Arthur J.Wilma Sue Allen80Stow, OH05/29/2016
Daugherty, Joseph DonaldDenise Daugherty84Stow, OH05/22/2016
Stroble, Robert WarrenMarilyn Stroble (nee Stone)70Stow, OH05/21/2016
Hickin, Nicholas Owen 24Stow, OH05/19/2016
Mancine, Louis Barbara Ann Mancine78Stow, OH05/17/2016
Canfield, Alma M. 95Stow, OH05/17/2016
Grant, Cindy JeanJim Grant73Stow, OH05/16/2016
Dye, Roy O. 77Stow, OH05/14/2016
Schroeder, Mary M. [Edgell] 84Stow, OH05/14/2016
Ritchie, Virginia Mary [Becker]Lawrence Ritchie104Stow, OH05/13/2016
Lemke, Donald L.Helen "Ginger" Lemke77Munroe Falls, OH05/06/2016
Skafec, Johanna M.Joseph Skafec89Stow, OH05/03/2016
Donatell, Rosemary Agnes [Herdina] 83Akron, OH05/02/2016
Dailey, Alma CeceliaBruce Dailey87Stow, OH05/02/2016
Dailey, Bruce A.Alma Dailey93Stow, OH04/29/2016
Dettling, Patricia Ann naMunroe Falls, OH04/29/2016
Johnson, Jason RayStacy Johnson41Munroe Falls, OH04/28/2016
McCord, David Bruce 58Stow, OH04/26/2016
Bevan, Mary E. 92Munroe Falls, OH04/24/2016