Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Blake, Jeannette H. [Happoldt] 94Munroe Falls, OH01/11/2016
Mong, Frederick Sally Mong82Stow, OH01/10/2016
Donofrio, David MathewsGail Donofrio (nee Gonzalez)66Stow, OH01/09/2016
Cueni, David M.Diane Cueni71Stow, OH01/07/2016
Muwalla, Jordan Talal 23Stow, OH01/04/2016
Miklausich, Ludvik J.Lillian Miklausich (nee Jadrich)99Munroe Falls, OH01/01/2016
Voorhies, Robert Calvin 69Stow, OH12/30/2015
Williams, Michael ToddGena Tygard Williams47Stow, OH12/29/2015
Halachoff, David John 58Stow, OH12/28/2015
Taylor, Donald E.Roberta Taylor85Stow, OH12/28/2015
Baynes, Michael Joseph 43Stow, OH12/24/2015
Clark, Richard 'Dick' R.Evelyn Clark91Stow, OH12/23/2015
Stockman, Malcom Donna Stockman (nee Guinn)88Stow, OH12/23/2015
Black, Donna Jean [Rose]James Black85Stow, OH12/21/2015
Jones, Susan Louise [Roach]Morgan Dean Jones64Stow, OH12/21/2015
Campbell, Kathleen J. [Jenkins]Jim Campbell62Stow, OH12/21/2015
Esker, Dixie LeeCarl Esker76Stow, OH12/19/2015
Price, Paula J. [Johnson] 67Tallmadge, OH12/18/2015
Hamilton, Virginia [Forney]Earl W. Hamilton82Stow, OH12/15/2015
Myers, John WilliamBarbara Myers73Stow, OH12/13/2015