Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Windham, Kenneth Pauline 7009/02/1992
Windham, Ollie Pauline [Buckhannon]Aubrey (1) Kenneth (2) Wanless (1) Windham (2)7704/18/2002
Wince, Dorothy E.Louis D. Wince8002/20/1995
Wilson-McGary, Della I.Melvin (1) Walter (2) Wilson (1) McGary (2)9006/01/2003
Wilson, Alfred M.Marie Toutant7411/20/1999
Wilson, Bonnie Lou 52Copley, Ohio11/10/2006
Wilson, Don L.Nancy McGrath7408/25/1995
Wilson, Dorothy E. [Bucy]George C. Wilson8910/24/2001
Wilson, Edna M. 9012/27/2005
Wilson, George C.Dorothy 8508/22/1996
Wilson, Grant R.Margaret Ritchie88Akron, Ohio09/13/2003
Wilson, James AllenNancy 6903/07/2000
Wilson, Jay 3002/07/1991
Wilson, Joan E. [Huners]LeRoy Wilson6707/24/2003
Wilson, John Sr. A.Nancy K. 5706/26/1990
Wilson, John A. 57Pontiac, Michigan06/26/1990
Wilson, Kay C. 7904/15/1990
Wilson, Kristan Amy 1805/29/2001
Wilson, LeRoy J.Joan (1) Marty (2) 7201/23/2006
Wilson, Martha M. [Smith] 8902/20/2003