Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Teodosio, Andrea Rose 22Buckeye, West Virginia02/12/2011
Knotts, Jordan Christopher 22Stow, OH07/21/2016
Carlyon, Adam R. 22Stow, OH07/27/2016
Sweitzer, Cody M. 22Stow, Ohio03/02/2017
Marr, Jacob Andrew 22Mogadore, Ohio03/09/2017
Bruce, Sydney E. 22Stow, Ohio01/24/2019
Williams, Tyler M. 2211/27/2019
Long, Samuel Gary 22Stow, Ohio09/19/2020
Curry, Patience Lee 23Minneapolis, Minnesota12/12/2001
Gailey, Edward "Ted" P. 2305/10/2003
Padula, Ralph A. 2303/10/1995
Snyder, Scott R. 23Akron, Ohio11/16/2002
Wilcox, Clarence 23Germany04/04/1945
Rylander, David Edward 23Logar Province, Afganistan05/02/2012
Muwalla, Jordan Talal 23Stow, OH01/04/2016
Brownfield, Andrew 24Iraq03/18/2004
Campo, Nicholas Joseph 2405/28/2004
Leising, Matthew J. 24Aurora, Ohio07/24/1991
Pittner, Mark A. 24Canal Fulton, Ohio09/09/1993
Simmons (Brownfield), Andrew D. 24Iraq03/18/2004