Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Jones, Josephine M.Kelly Jones87Stow, OH11/24/2015
Halpin, Dolores A.Larry Halpin87Stow, OH02/26/2016
Dailey, Alma CeceliaBruce Dailey87Stow, OH05/02/2016
Jacot, Shirley ARussell Jacot87Stow, OH07/20/2016
Greer, James F.Ora Greer87Cuyahoga Falls, OH08/16/2016
Runyon, June A. [Hooper]Richard Runyon87Cuyahoga Falls, OH08/16/2016
Murphy, Paul T.Joanne Murphy87Stow08/31/2016
Schostak, Elizabeth Walter Schostak87Stow, Ohio11/25/2016
Abdoo, Joseph Marie 88Akron, Ohio09/02/1997
Baker, Frank Helen Mahan8803/14/2008
Baylor, Stella EClarence Baylor8805/26/1993
Berry, Marguerite E [Riffle]Jasper Earl Berry8804/26/2001
Black, Frances "Fannie" M [Schuck]Ambrose Black8810/11/1996
Bolognue, Frank Josephine 8804/30/2004
Burian, George J 8807/17/1992
Miller, Mildred FernW. Earl Miller8801/07/1993
Braucher, Emma B. [Romesberg]William Dwight Braucher8812/29/1998
Chimera, Jennie L [Zampelli]Ross S Chimera8807/11/2002
Collins, Ruth Evaline [Labin]Gilbert Collins8803/18/2004
Coones, Frances V. [Evans]Lewis (1) Merritt (2) Byrd (1) Coones (2)8811/10/2001