Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Battershell, Clifford EldonJudy (1) Kate (2) 8507/05/2014
Williamson, Jacqueline D.Earl E. Williamson8506/20/2014
Gessler, Marie M.Donald Gessler8501/04/2015
Cole, Doris Jean [Hughes]Harold G. Cole85Stow, OH03/21/2015
Hedderly, Mary Ann [Nash]Russel L. Hedderly85Dayton, OH04/05/2015
Williams, Paul MountHelen Virginia Carlson85Stow, OH05/06/2015
Mathews, Marian Frances [Monroe]Gordon J. Matthews85Stow, OH06/03/2015
Hibbs, Herbert L.Betty Lou Hibbs85Stow, OH08/21/2015
Tomasello, Yolanda E.Joseph Tomasello85Stow, OH11/01/2015
Ptak, Stanley M.Mary Ann Ptak85Stow, OH11/23/2015
Black, Donna Jean [Rose]James Black85Stow, OH12/21/2015
Taylor, Donald E.Roberta Taylor85Stow, OH12/28/2015
Preisse, Wayne JenningsBarbara Preisse (Chaffee)85Stow, OH01/21/2016
Smith, James H.Joan Smith (Skrocki)85Stow, OH03/06/2016
Paradis, Kenneth R.Leonra Paradis85Stow, OH03/28/2016
Weber, Joan H. [Henderson]William Weber85Stow, OH08/14/2016
Umbower, George D.Iris Umbower85Stow, OH08/27/2016
Griffith, Eleanor Edison "Bud" Griffith85Stow10/02/2016
Secrest, Dorothy [Hill]Edsel Secrest85Stow09/22/2016
Moore, Betty J.Donald Moore8511/16/2016