Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Snyder, Thomas L.Rose Snyder84Munroe Falls, Ohio01/10/2019
Rydbom, Calvin BernardGladys Rydbom84Stow, Ohio01/27/2019
Davis, Marguerite "Peggy" Clinton Davis84Stow, Ohio02/20/2019
Cook, Ronald WilliamGilda Cook84Stow, Ohio03/18/2019
Myers, Jean MarleneDennis Myers84Stow, Ohio03/28/2019
Epperson, Martha E. 84Stow, Ohio03/26/2019
Chisman, James "Jim" AlanJeanne Oehler Chisman84Stow, Ohio03/25/2019
Casey, Leona "Lee" [Turek]Jack Casey8512/01/2010
Adams, Charles C. 85Charlotte, North Carolina11/26/1992
Anderson, Edna RElmer J. Anderson8506/09/1990
Anderson, John "Andy" HenryIeleen 8501/10/2004
Asher, Josephine [Petty]Opha J (1) William (2) Queen (1) Asher (2)8511/09/2004
Baker, Rhoda E [Kirby]Aubrey Baker8507/04/2007
Barger, Rita Ann [Finnerty]William H Barger8507/03/2002
Batter, Walter HFlorence Ayers8510/19/2004
Berton, Ruby V 85Stow, Ohio12/14/1999
Bevington, Carrie Akenneth Bevington8503/10/1993
Briggs, Frances [Atherton] 85Stow, Ohio01/09/1973
Brightman, Carl LIrene 8502/23/2001
Burdette, Ruby MRobert "Peck" Burdette8505/17/2004