Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Gilmore, Mary Jo [Sanders/Green] 8908/20/2014
Perrow, Virginia P. [Price]Joseph F. Perrow, Jr.89Akron, OH08/31/2014
Page, Donald RoyMartha Elizabeth Speicher89Munroe Falls, Ohio11/04/2014
Bailey, Clark L.Esther Bailey (Russell)8902/21/2015
Shanholtz, Thurman JGloria Bogyus89Stow, OH04/15/2015
Vidd, Jeanne [Kyr]Louis Vidd89Stow, OH06/25/2015
Bigelow, Claudine R. [Syx]Lloyd Bigelow89Akron, OH07/30/2015
Antognoli, Louie Mary "Tee" Antognoli89Cuyahoga Falls, OH09/17/2015
McElroy, Anna M. [Bower]Carl McElroy89Munroe Falls, OH09/21/2015
Polz, Flipp Katharina Polz89Munroe Falls, OH10/04/2016
Cingle, Pauline 89Stow, OH12/09/2015
Allison, Martha G.John 90Stow, Ohio08/08/1997
Boyes, Mary EFred Boyes9002/02/2003
Brady, Lena I 90Brimfield, Ohio03/27/2001
Brazelton, Lester PKathleen 9009/09/2005
Brees, Frances BCheste Brees9012/15/2004
Breiding, Edward PMildred 9007/07/2006
Brown, Edna [Lowe]Robert C Brown9008/28/2006
Byars, Jessie Lillian [Garland]B.Y. Byars9009/03/1996
Cannon, Ann J.Norman Cannon9003/30/1997