Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Bowes, Sterling WallaceColleen Bowes88Stow, OH11/23/2015
Hanson, Dorothy H. 88Stow, OH11/25/2015
Stockman, Malcom Donna Stockman (nee Guinn)88Stow, OH12/23/2015
Tulley, Jr., Edward D. 88Stow, OH01/19/2016
Breed, Bonnie Jean [Schultz]Don Breed88Stow, OH03/31/2016
Johnson, George F. 88Stow, OH04/07/2016
Keckler, Jane Elizabeth [Purdum]Norman Keckler88Massillon, OH08/11/2016
Shillingburg, Carol [Underdown]Carl Shillingburg8809/26/2016
Drabold Jr., Walter Ann Drabold8811/08/2016
Beer, Anna Anton Beer8908/18/1997
Biskner, Lawrence CTherese 8908/31/2005
Bittel, Helen V [Pulford]Robert Bittel89Akron, Ohio10/19/2003
Boles, Florence H [Snyder]Arvy Boles8911/25/1997
Bradley, Lucille G [Effland]J. Arnold Bradley89Ripley, West Virginia12/16/1996
Bryan, Robert GeorgeEleanor Ruth Newell8911/23/2007
Mills, Elsie [Heim]Robert Almon Mills89Copley, Ohio01/05/2000
Mills, Thora June [Medlin]William P. Mills89Stow, Ohio07/12/2001
Carver, Ruth Alice [Carlyon]Jasper Carl Carver8904/09/2007
Case, Edna LAllen Case8908/16/1996
Cockerham, Avery LeeGrace M. 8906/19/1994