Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Martine, Oscar "Bus" R.R. Belle 9001/15/1997
McCoin, Edward LeeDona I Danforth90Akron, Ohio11/06/2001
McKenney, Leslie C.Wilma Gaskins9008/18/1994
Menasian, Takouhe Nazareth Menasian90Akron, Ohio04/12/1994
Meyers, Arthur Sr. R.Louise 9012/12/1993
Moore, Elden EarlHelen 9004/03/2003
Neale, Carrie C. [Grosso] 9004/27/2003
Rajiah, Jeevamani James Rajiah9012/29/1997
Nicoletti, Flora A.George Nicoletti9006/26/2003
Oblak, Mary A. [Trojer]Otto J. Oblak90Copley, Ohio01/24/2002
Orem, Pauline B.Holly Orem9006/08/1999
Orms, Cleathe Artie [Powell]William (1) Charles (2) Housel (1) Orms (2)9002/18/2003
Papp, Grace S. [Silvestri]John Papp9012/06/2005
Patterson, Virginia B.Charles K. Patterson9001/11/2008
Perry, Linnie M.John W. Perry9006/05/1996
Rearick, Virginia D.Cecil Rearick9003/05/1999
Schmitt, Henry J.Grace 9003/20/1999
Slaby, Lynn C. 9004/22/2005
Sloop, Harold Pauline A. 9010/19/1994
Snyder, Clarence W.Laura 9008/07/1995