Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Lutz, Daisy MarieCharles William Lutz90Stow, Ohio11/20/2014
Anderson, Ieleen [Morehouse]John Henry Anderson9009/27/2014
Berg, Martin Beryl Berg9007/03/2014
Dimoff, Pete Juanita M. Dimoff9007/05/2014
Nordlie, Glendora [Raasch]Robert Nordlie9007/10/2014
Long, Harold W. 9007/29/2014
Robert, Dorothy [Goodwin]Richard R. Robert9009/15/2014
Grande, Viola E. [Caniglia]Joseph Grande9001/06/2015
Teodosio, Alexander E.Anna Marie Teodosio90Stow, OH02/10/2015
Severson, Ruth Evelyn [Crouch]Earl Severson90Stow02/08/2015
Sonnhalter, Robert Carolyn Sonnhalter (Farkas)90Stow, OH03/23/2015
Brown, Mary Joan [Kaim]John W. Brown90Stow, OH04/27/2015
Carpenter, Dorothy P.Paul Carpenter90Stow, OH06/02/2015
Doerman, Juanita (Judy) M.Charles E. McGregor90Munroe Falls, OH05/26/2015
Wacker, Marie E. [Swartz]Clarence Wacker90Munroe Falls, OH06/01/2015
Baynes, Will Ruth Ann Baynes90Stow, OH06/23/2015
Reding, Ruth E. 90Stow, OH07/12/2015
Cipollone, Domenico Concetta Cipollone90Stow, OH09/16/2015
Thompson, Hazel I [Myers] 90Stow, OH10/20/2015
Skafec, Joseph EmilJohanna Pavolich (Skafec)90Stow, OH11/16/2015