Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Curry, Bertha D. 88Stow, Ohio04/10/1970
Palmer, Elaine [Picketts]Dale Palmer88Stow, Ohio04/28/2013
Jenkins, Lee S.Ruth Jenkins88Stow, OH05/26/2013
Thomas, James D.Iva Ruth Thomas88Akron, Oh07/15/2013
Warner, Marian (Mimi) H. [Moule]Walter Warner88Stow, OH05/15/2013
Thomas, James D.Iva Ruth Carter Thomas88Stow, OH07/15/2013
Foringer, Ralph L.Charlotte Foringer88Stow, Oh08/19/2013
Johnston, Donald B.Lila Johnston88Stow, OH11/17/2013
Hagat, Betty Arlene [Hart]William Hagat88Stow, Oh11/30/2013
Morrow, Mary JeanWilbur Morrow88Stow, Ohio11/30/2014
Patsy, Gloria T. [Marzano]Joseph Patsy8812/20/2014
Catanese, Margherite M. [Rich]Carl Cantanese8807/06/2014
Chaney, Maxine 88Stow, Ohio01/10/2014
Mensch, Marion Reynolds [Mayer]John L. Reynolds (1) John Mensch (2) 8806/01/2014
Lamont, Chester Jean Manwell8808/29/2014
Smith, Gene DodgeDonna Mae O'Haver Smith (1) Karen Sandvik Smith (2) 8809/03/2014
Turnblacer, Rhoda Ellen [Sebrell]Charles Renaut Turnblacer88Charleston, WV07/20/2014
Massie, Charles N.Hannah Massie88Rittman, Ohio12/01/2014
Wetshtein, Marguerite [Rizzo]Paul Wetshtein88Stow, OH04/16/2015
Berthelot, Frank Phylis Berthelot88Stow, OH04/25/2015