Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Carst, Charles "Chick" E.Ann Carst9904/27/2018
Kachner, Edna R.1: Al, 2: Curt 1: Parcell, 2: Kachner99Stow, Ohio09/02/2018
Farson, Elizabeth Gene 99Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio04/10/2020
Call, Charles E.Jean Call9908/17/2020
Dalton, Margaret Thomas Dalton10010/09/1999
Moncrief, Leola CarmelBenjamin P. Moncrief10003/03/2003
Soderholm, Iva D. [Hart] 10003/26/1999
Tinker, Esther L.David S. Tinker10002/13/2007
Westover, Eldon NedNora E. 10001/15/1999
Winkelman, Amy B.Paul (1) Kenneth (2) Brooks (1) Winkleman (2)10010/19/1997
Wolfcale, Roy C.Alice 10004/03/1999
Alexander, Flora MaryJohn Alexander10008/23/2011
Wolf, Alvin ClairVirginia Drumm Wolfe100Stow, Ohio07/22/2012
Wegner, Josephine M.Emil Wegner100Stow, Ohio09/26/2012
Wegner, Josephine M.Emil Wegner100Stow, Ohio09/26/2012
Hunt, Wilda Dible [Warren]Hubert Hunt100Stow, OH07/10/2016
Ritchie, Gertrude DregerRupert Ritchie100Stow, Ohio06/09/2017
Weaver, Louise M.Fred Weaver100Stow, Ohio07/08/2017
Heck Chubbuck, Winifred FayStephen George Chubbuck100Stow, Ohio09/12/2017
Kramer, Josephine M.George Kramer100Stow, Ohio04/10/2018