Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Butler, Milton L.Ruth 8512/05/2011
Forgacs, Larry C.Betty 5812/06/2011
Young, Mary E. [Smith]Greg Young62Stow, Ohio12/10/2011
Valone-Stebbins, Julie A. [Valone]David Stebbins5212/12/2011
Cummings, Richard J.Janet 7812/13/2011
Rung, Joseph Dean 4912/17/2011
Underwood, Bette A.William Underwood8112/17/2011
Franklin, Mary A. [Vrabel]Warren D. Franklibn9212/18/2011
Rinella, Jimmie ANorma 8312/18/2011
Lenk, Dorothy E. [Milligan]William Lenk97Stow, Ohioi12/20/2011
Null, Pearl LillianHoward Null8912/22/2011
Seaver, Carol Jean [Balcom]James W. Seaver7412/23/2011
Saviers, Ruth [Bradley]Eldred Saviers94Kent, Ohio12/24/2011
Swensen, Loren W.`Nancy 84Jacksonville, Florida12/27/2011
Resch, F. Allen 71Akron, Ohio12/27/2011
Junglen, Martha [Birchen]Marc Junglen84Stow, Ohio12/29/2011
Clugh, Lorene B. [Barnes] 8101/02/2012
Clugh, Lorene B. 8101/02/2012
Gerry, William E.Helen Plaster8601/02/2012
Kovacic, Betty Pauline [Lustic]William (1) Frank (2) McElwee (1) Lustic (2)91Munroe Falls, Ohio01/05/2012