Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Telscher, Frances E.Merril Telscher70Stow, Ohio05/07/2013
Davis, William Janet Davis84Stow, Ohio05/08/2013
Bays, Leo E.Willa Mae (McClung) Bays91Munroe Falls, Ohio05/08/2013
Marshall, Daniel L. 63Stow, Ohio05/10/2013
DeVille, Edna Mae [McKee]Edward Henry DeVille91Stow, Ohio05/13/2013
Estep, Doris Jean [Jackson]Clell (Ken) Estep84Stow, Ohio05/14/2013
Warner, Marian (Mimi) H. [Moule]Walter Warner88Stow, OH05/15/2013
Naylor, Terry D. 57Stow, Ohio05/21/2013
Naylor, Terry 57Stow, OH05/21/2013
Owens, David LeeSandra "Sue" Owens61Stow, OH05/21/2013
Schiavone, Joseph A.Frances Mandala Schiavone86Stow, OH05/25/2013
Cameron, John E.Jane Cameron0 - Stow, OH05/26/2013
Jenkins, Lee S.Ruth Jenkins88Stow, OH05/26/2013
Lutz, Becky Till [Houk]Steve Lutz0 - Stow, OH05/26/2013
Strader, Francisca Yvonne [Caracciolo]Charles J. Strader83Knoxville, TN05/26/2013
Montgomery, James "Jim" E.Diane Montgomery80Stow, OH05/27/2013
Montgomery, James "Jim" E.Diane Montgomery80Stow, OH05/27/2013
Valenti, Eleanor H.Frank Valenti96Stow, Ohio06/02/2013
Valenti, Eleanor H.Frank Valenti96Stow, OH06/02/2013
Beach, Timothy A. 70Stow, Ohio06/03/2013