Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Soliwoda, Ken P.Marlynn Soliwoda52Stow, Ohio03/25/2013
Neumann, Douglas DonovanNormagene Neumann84Munroe Falls, Ohio03/27/2013
Honeycutt, Jack E. 62Stow, Ohio03/29/2013
Glisson, Mary Kathryn [Kay] 0 - Stow, OH03/30/2013
Costen, Richard OwnbyDorothy Costen82Munroe Falls, Ohio03/31/2013
Costen, Richard OwnbyDorothy Costen82Stow, Ohio03/31/2013
Ference, Basil "Buddy" Geneva Ference78Stow, OH04/01/2013
Ference, Basil "Buddy" Geneva "Pat" Ference78Stow, Ohio04/01/2013
Mull, Patricia J.Charles Mull72Stow, OH04/02/2013
Mull, Patricia J.Charles Mull72Stow, Ohio04/02/2013
Summers, Walter "Jack" O. 104Stow, OH04/04/2013
Burke, Otelia F.Thomas Burke84Stow, OH04/06/2013
Falitico, Grace E. [Vitone]Carl Falitico94Stow, Ohio04/08/2013
Nichols Russell LaSalle, Ruby JewellAlfred LaSalle87Springfield, MO04/09/2013
Henning, Robert T.Laura DeVoe93Saint Mary's04/10/2013
Cottrill, Joyce A.Donald Cottrill73Munroe Falls, Ohio04/17/2013
Hasenyager, Alene Wayne Henry Hasenyager90Stow, Ohio04/20/2013
Gardner, Larry G.Kathleen Gardner66Stow, OH04/24/2013
Smith, Carol Louise 86Munroe Falls, Ohio04/26/2013
Palmer, Elaine [Picketts]Dale Palmer88Stow, Ohio04/28/2013