Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Walukonis, Edward R.Barbara Walukonis61Stow, OH09/22/2013
Walukonis, Edward R.Barbara Walukonis61Stow, Oh09/22/2013
Chamberlin, Ann L. [Knowlton]Richard Chamberlin74Stow, OH09/24/2013
Lillich, Jane W. 89Akron, Oh09/27/2013
Crock, Kathleen Rita [Haas]Clement J. Crock94Kent, Oh09/30/2013
Thomas, Robert "Tommy" J.Jackie Thomas86Stow, OH09/30/2013
Reed, Nancy C.Benjamin Reed77Akron, Oh10/01/2013
Mlinarcik, Patricia [Holata]Donald Mlinarcik66Stow, Ohio10/05/2013
Kreiner, Joann Steve Kreiner90Munroe Falls, Ohio10/06/2013
Strunk, George ThomasHannah Strunk83Stow, Ohio10/07/2013
Starkey, Carol LeeJim Starkey71Akron, Ohio10/09/2013
Wallace, Dennis D. 54Stow, Oh10/14/2013
McQuade, Joanne B.Charles McQuade78Stow, Oh10/27/2013
Genske (Duggie), Arthur G.Virginia Genske89Stow, Oh11/05/2013
Felkl, Elisabeth Martin Felkl79Stow, OH11/10/2013
McShane, Warren E.Lillian McShane90Stow, OH11/11/2013
Thrush, Donna J. [Kiel]Glenn Thrush83Stow, OH11/12/2013
Volchko, Edward T.Juanita Volchko84Stow, OH11/12/2013
Volchko, Edward T.Juanita Volchko84Stow, Oh11/12/2013
Armstrong, Warren L.Claudia Armstrong69Stow, OH11/13/2013