Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Volchko, Edward T.Juanita Volchko84Stow, Oh11/12/2013
Armstrong, Warren L.Claudia Armstrong69Stow, OH11/13/2013
Christen, George DonaldBarbara Christen83Munroe Falls, Ohio11/13/2013
Christen, George DonaldBarbara Christen83Munroe Falls, OH11/13/2013
Myers, Mary Miaona [Barnett]Daniel Myers78Stow, OH11/14/2013
Dobos, Louis C.Judy Dobos60Stow, OH11/16/2013
Augsburger, Nila C. [Countryman] 82Stow, OH11/17/2013
Grogan, Thomas FrancisHarriett Grogan82Stow, OH11/17/2013
Johnston, Donald B.Lila Johnston88Stow, OH11/17/2013
Acord, Gary D. 67MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX11/25/2013
Hagat, Betty Arlene [Hart]William Hagat88Stow, Oh11/30/2013
Kapes, Brandon J.Summer Kapes41Stow, Oh12/02/2013
Duckworth, Edwin J.Katie Duckworth85Hudson, Oh12/06/2013
Forquer, Dolores [Stoper] 83Akron, Oh12/07/2013
Habenschuss, Katharina Anton Habenschuss93Stow, Oh12/08/2013
Walker, Willis Marilyn Walker80Stow, Oh12/08/2013
DeSicy, Ronald L.Carolyn DeSicy76Stow, Oh12/09/2013
Chaney, Maxine 88Stow, Ohio01/10/2014
Penberthy III, Thomas RichardJoyce Penberthy61Monroe, NC01/12/2014
Painter, Ralph D.Beatrice Painter98Stow, Oh01/19/2014