Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Hibbard, Simpson Sarah Jane Senter4912/22/1882
Powers, Gregory Sarah 9506/12/1883
Marvin, Elizabeth [Bradley]Ulysses Marvin8406/28/1884
Moore, Samuel LuciusSally H. Randall66Stow, Ohio05/19/1886
Marvin, Ulysses Elizabeth Bradley8605/11/1887
Call, Moses D.Harriet M. Starr7503/24/1891
Thompson, Virgil M.Maria (1) Mara A. (2) Smith (1) Turner (2)83Hudson, Ohio01/11/1894
Green, Philander Tarissa Root89Stow,OH04/18/1900
Hart, George W.Anna H. Beardsley68Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio12/15/1900
Wetmore, Seth H. 75Summit County, OH05/31/1903
Wetmore, Mary BirgeSilas Wetmore76Stow, OH10/01/1903
Calkins, William Mary E. Spellman74Stow, OH05/26/1907
Stow, Albert CheneyAlmira Barrett97Stow, OH06/06/1907
Fields, Nelson H.Emma Holden54Stow, OH01/01/1908
Moon, Eliza Belle [Corey]Alfred H. Moon46Cleveland, OH04/11/1908
Chamberlain, Charlotte Sophronia 84Stow, OH10/27/1908
Thompson, Otis ReedIsabella Jane Machmer65Stow, Ohio10/09/1914
Paulus, James B.Caroline Hively68Summit County, Ohio05/07/1921
Amlung, George na12/30/1921
Ellsworth, Emma [Thompson]Edward D. Ellsworth7303/16/1924