Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Shirhal, Linda J. [Macaluso] 67Stow, OH11/04/2015
Shoe, James R.Martha 74Ft. Myers, Florida08/20/1997
Shoe, Martha J. [Beckwith]James R. Shoe7405/09/2000
Sholle, Evelyn [Evans]Russell Sholle7510/23/2002
Sholle, Russell Sr. J.Evelyn Evans85Stow, Ohio11/09/2009
Sholler, Frank DrakeLillian (2) Mildred (2) Campbell (1)8708/27/1999
Shoop, James R.Marjorie 7312/16/1999
Shoop, Marjorie W.James R. Shoop7611/05/2001
Shopey, Helen 7801/24/2000
Shorter, Roberta "Bobbi" R. [Schultz]Drew Shorter6001/05/2004
Shuber, Hope EvelynJoseph M. Shuber8008/11/1994
Shubert, Helen MarjorieThomas L. shubert7606/12/1995
Shubert, Thomas L.Helen Marjorie (1) Oma (2) 78Port Charlotte, Florida03/07/1999
Shultz, Frederick M.Patricia 7704/17/2007
Shuman, Kenneth S.Thelma 73Akron, Ohio04/30/1975
Shuman, Jeanne B. [Byrne]Kenneth Shuman8709/03/2009
Shuman, Ted E.Nancy Shuman90Stow, OH11/27/2015
Shuman, John 69Stow, OH06/13/2016
Shuman (Rilling), LaVerna Jean Bee 8003/06/2005
Shupe, Edith L. [Wirth]Thurl R. Shupe9308/14/2002