Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Simmons, Doris P.Albert Simmons8507/18/2003
Simmons, Edsel RayNancy 6904/10/2006
Simmons, Elsie B. [Tennant]Robert A. Simmons6509/18/2003
Simmons, Robert J.Joy 7212/02/2004
Simmons, Raymond Albert 71Akron, Ohio08/30/2014
Simmons, Patricia AnnEarl Simmons82Stow, OH02/11/2015
Simmons, Gerald J.Beechie Simmons92Stow, OH04/23/2016
Simmons (Brownfield), Andrew D. 24Iraq03/18/2004
Simms, Phyllis V. 7503/25/2001
Simon, Gordon H.Eileen 8307/13/2010
Simons, Betty Alene [Brock]Martin Simonsna10/20/2006
Simons, David Muirlyn "Lynne" 7504/15/2009
Simpkins, Edward 6712/24/2006
Simpkins, Mary Ethel [Kusmits]George Simpkins8708/24/1997
Sims, Anita M. [Briggs]Kenneth H. (1) Lester E. Seiler (1) Sims (2)7811/25/1995
Sincere, James Dolores 7112/29/2000
Sinclair, Marvin CharlesKay 6804/05/1997
Sinibaldi, Gwendolyn RuthFrank Sinibaldi86Stow, Ohio02/23/2017
Sipp, Ruth M.George Sipp7809/16/1999
Sir Louis, Maxine [Wood]Perry A. (1) Vernon (2) Strohl (1) Sir Louis (2)8311/05/2005