Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Vogel, Arthur E.Frances Vogel82Munroe Falls, Ohio11/20/2014
Volchko, Edward T.Juanita Volchko84Stow, OH11/12/2013
Volchko, Edward T.Juanita Volchko84Stow, Oh11/12/2013
Volk, Edmund Jr. F.Andrea 56Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio09/01/1994
Vornhagen, Linda A.John Vornhagen6608/26/2008
Voth, Albert H.Jeanette 8404/02/1992
Voth, Jeanette C.Albert Voth9105/25/1996
Vukan, Rose S.Frank Vukan7310/03/1994
Vukan, Frank S.Rose 9212/15/2009
Wacker, Clarence Marie 8507/25/2006
Wade, Nellie [McDowell]Fred Wade93Stow, Ohio06/18/2003
Wade, Phyllis A. [Wade] 8104/19/2003
Wade, Ruth Helen 8508/28/2009
Waggoner, Billy Sr. E.Beverly 5208/04/1990
Waggoner, Shari K, [Waggoner] 3811/22/2000
Wagle, Stanley L.Patricia 6401/21/2004
Wagner, Charles C.Virginia 8909/28/2007
Wagner, Curt A. 1902/09/1995
Wagner, Elizabeth J.John Wade Wagner7004/13/2001
Wagner, Elsie M.John Wagner8305/02/2007