Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Baumgardner, Park L 8007/01/2003
Baumgardner, Mabel Paul Baumgardner8411/06/2008
Baumgardner, Harold S.Donna Clifford8305/27/2011
Baumgardner, Paul E. 97Stow, Ohio11/19/2017
Baxter, Walter APatricia 6003/20/2007
Baylor, Stella EClarence Baylor8805/26/1993
Baylor, Walter E.Patricia Baylor83Stow, Ohio04/02/2018
Baynes, Will Ruth Ann Baynes90Stow, OH06/23/2015
Baynes, Michael Joseph 43Stow, OH12/24/2015
Bays, Willa Mae [McClung]Leo E Bays77Babson Park, Florida01/10/2007
Bays, Leo E.Willa Mae (McClung) Bays91Munroe Falls, Ohio05/08/2013
Beach, Timothy A. 70Stow, OH06/03/2013
Beal, Kathryn [McCulley]Nelson Beal66Sarasota, Florida06/03/1990
Beam, George HarveyMinnie (1) Mary M (2) Weimer (2)7502/17/2001
Beatty, Jean Alice [Crisp]John Beatty9610/26/2019
Bebb, Donna M [Bebb] 62Youngstown, Ohio11/17/2003
Bebb, Fred R 8303/10/1997
Bebout, Mildred EWilliam F Bebout8408/10/1990
Bebout, Robert WSusan 7702/16/2005
Beck, Laura Mae [Martin]Ralph Beck7910/29/1999