Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Peak, Gerald E.Cathie Peak70Stow, Ohio06/19/2012
Pearce, Emery Marie 8504/09/2007
Pech, Raymond A.Elsie A. Oxley87Stow, Ohio08/20/2004
Peck, Dorothy Roy Peck86Stow, Ohio10/08/2003
Peck, Lottie D. [Darrow]William H. Peck87Stow, Ohio09/27/1964
Peck, Laura Marie [Colpo]Andrew Peck4605/15/2011
Peddle, Eugene F.Cecelia "Mickey" 8507/17/2011
Peel, Charles "Dick" R. 81Ohio03/16/2013
Peel, Charles R. (Dick)Dorothy Peel81Stow, Ohio03/16/2013
Peercy, Dorothy M.J.R. Peercy9103/06/2002
Penberthy III, Thomas RichardJoyce Penberthy61Monroe, NC01/12/2014
Pennington, Susie A. 9506/01/1992
Penrod, Clyde Sr. A. 8712/27/2008
Pepper, Kenneth J.Carol Pepper60Stow, Ohio01/19/2017
Pepper, Brenda Joy 56Munroe Falls, Ohio07/21/2017
Perich, Ruth E.James E. Perich93Stow, OH03/24/2016
Perkins, Arthur G.Eleanor na11/07/2011
Perkins, Alice LenoreWilliam Perkins83Cupertino, California02/17/2018
Perkins, William G.Janis Perkins66Stow, Ohio10/03/2018
Perrin, Gilbert 6701/07/2007