Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Sikler, Thomas M.Susan Sikler56Munroe Falls, Ohio11/08/2016
Silliman, James Sr. D. 7201/24/1994
Silliman, Katherine G. [Fickey] 6907/12/1990
Silliman, Michael D.Pamela (1) Donna (2) Allen (1)50Canton, Ohio11/07/1998
Silverthorn, Wilbur W.Ruby naCanadana
Silvey, Barry C.Tammy Merz49Stow, Ohio07/19/2017
Simcox, Anna Mae [Kamela]Harry Simcox9309/09/2014
Simko, Anna M.Andrew A. Simko8607/14/1994
Simko, Andrew ArthurSandra 7407/11/2009
Simmermacher, Jean L. [McKean]Arthur Simmermacherna04/23/2006
Simmons, Albert JamesDoris 8509/17/2001
Simmons, Doris P.Albert Simmons8507/18/2003
Simmons, Edsel RayNancy 6904/10/2006
Simmons, Elsie B. [Tennant]Robert A. Simmons6509/18/2003
Simmons, Robert J.Joy 7212/02/2004
Simmons, Raymond Albert 71Akron, Ohio08/30/2014
Simmons, Patricia AnnEarl Simmons82Stow, OH02/11/2015
Simmons, Gerald J.Beechie Simmons92Stow, OH04/23/2016
Simmons (Brownfield), Andrew D. 24Iraq03/18/2004
Simms, Phyllis V. 7503/25/2001