Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Woodley, Gerald Baker 66Akron, Ohio03/11/1996
Woodring, Sarah J.Kenneth G. Woodring7911/25/2004
Woodrum, Mattie Lou [Trexler] 8911/10/2010
Woods, Glenn E. 7802/10/1998
Woods, Homer "Woody" DeanEsther 6601/17/1998
Woodward, Marilyn K. [Murie]Charles Woodward8211/15/2019
Wooley, David R.Becky 61Salem, North Carolina09/06/2004
Wooley, Frank R.Lena 75Stow, Ohio08/28/1993
Wooley, Freda M. [Edgell]Ralph L. Wooley7808/31/2002
Wooley, Carol Jean [Loree] 7210/09/2019
Woolsey, Louise M. [Dickson]James W. Woolsey6908/23/1994
Wootton, Richard L.Colleen Mallon Wootton66Stow, Ohio07/23/2012
Worcester, Anna "Louise" [Cox]Howard Worcester6806/10/1994
Worcester, Eleanor C. [Murmann]James Worcester78Akron, Ohio08/08/1995
Worcester, Byron "Bunny" NelsonMary Joanne nana
Workman, Mary D. 81Akron, Ohio05/09/1944
Worron, Richard G.Helen 9804/15/2005
Worron, Judith Diane [Klein]Richard Worron8204/27/2020
Worthington, Katherine "Tinka" JoanRandall Worthington, Sr.9212/04/2018
Worthington, Janet GraceJack Worthington6301/16/2019