Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Younce, Clara George Younce83Aurora, Ohio05/12/2020
Younce Willis, Dana Robbie Willis47Stow, Ohio08/10/2009
Young, Dawson V.Ruth "Jenny" 8502/10/2003
Young, Debra [Schlegel]Clifford Young5006/28/1999
Young, Foster J.Mary 86Sebring, Ohio04/12/1987
Young, Gary D. 5009/15/2003
Young, Joseph G.Tammy 7206/13/1995
Young, Mary Raymond (1) Foster (2) Carter (1) Young (2)94Sebring, Ohio09/02/1991
Young, Robert E.Rita 5704/05/2003
Young, Ruth GenevieveDawson Young7204/05/1992
Young, Mary Rose [Molinatti]William Young81Stow, Ohio10/17/2009
Young, Mary E. [Smith]Greg Young62Stow, Ohio12/10/2011
Young, Mavis D. 88Cuyahgoa Falls, OH06/06/2015
Young, Merle Virginia [Pollard]Melvin Frank89Akron, Ohio04/29/2017
Young, Mark A.Laura Young55Akron, Ohio01/16/2019
Young, Judyth [Miller](1) Merle "Sonny" (2) Eugene (1) Copen (2) Young8109/19/2019
Young, Gordon H.Carolyn Young92na
Yoxthimer, Virgil E.Rose 5505/17/1991
Yurich, Brian Mark 36Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio07/13/2008
Yutzy, Doris "DoDo" 7207/28/2014