Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Anderson, Richard C.Shirley 7703/12/2009
Anderson, Lawrence Ruth Marie 8805/11/2012
Anderson, J. R. 77Stow, Ohio06/22/1970
Anderson, Diane L. 6310/11/2014
Anderson, Ieleen [Morehouse]John Henry Anderson9009/27/2014
Anderson, Judith AnnBruce Anderson73Stow, Ohio02/12/2017
Anderson, Charla S. [Palazzo]Keith AndersonnaStow, Ohio07/02/2019
Andrews, Ruth Olga [Lay]Frank 84Munroe Falls, Ohio12/27/2006
Andrews, Susan Marie [Powell]William Andrews3505/15/2005
Andrick, Ronald G. 54Stow, Ohio12/13/1997
Andy, Barbara L. [Oran]Virgil Andy7802/06/2012
Angeletti, Nathan Joseph 20Stow, Ohio08/16/2017
Angeletti, Nathaniel Joseph 20Akron, Ohio08/16/2017
Angello, Joyce M 6305/20/1997
Angne, Miriam Ruth [Leonard]Albert Angne9709/28/2019
Anna, Louise [Vernell]Joseph Vernell84Stow, OH05/15/2015
Annarumma, Sally A [Harris]Vincent Annarumma6512/21/2004
Annis, Paul SylvesterMargaret M 7410/28/1992
Anolick, Peter M.Maria 5610/11/2010
Anolick, Maria "Maya" I.Pete Anolick73Stow, Ohio04/30/2018