Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Moore, William E. 61New Port Richey, Florida01/05/2005
Myers, Judith [Brewer]Richard E. Myers6112/29/2004
Nichols, David L.Linda 6102/28/1997
Novak, Robert P.Patricia A. 6106/17/1999
Prior, Dianne [Pascher]Richard Prior6111/02/2003
Schafer, Evelyn E. [Graaves]Richard C. Schafer6110/13/2002
Francis, Christine M. [Grubenhoff]Tim Francis6106/29/2009
Matheny, Ronald J. 6105/15/2009
Smith, John AndrewGail 6101/01/2004
Smith, Ted Erma Campbell6107/02/2001
Starcher, Alec "Gene" E.Penny 6106/28/2006
Timms, Grover F.Patricia 6102/01/2003
Tomechko, Charlene M. [Grassbaugh]Paul Tomechko61Munroe Falls, Ohio04/06/2009
Towne, Raymond L. 6109/18/2004
Weber, Robert Sr. M.Mary 6112/30/2005
Westbury, Harold G.Nancy 6103/17/1994
Wilborn, Joan D. [Butler]Lou Wilborn6104/18/1997
Wolber, Hatsue [Osera]Samuel Wolber6107/26/2003
Wooley, David R.Becky 61Salem, North Carolina09/06/2004
Poorman, Paul A.Sylvia 61Akron, Ohio02/12/1992