Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Nowicki, Rebecca J. [Bailey]Tim Nowicki4604/01/2007
Odee, Diane [Odee] 4609/21/2007
Palencik, Pamela Sue [Demchak]Joe Palencik4601/25/2006
Phillips, Molly [McGrady]Bob Phillips4604/23/1998
Ports, Neal A.Mary Lynne 4611/23/1994
Shaver, Michael R.Sandra 4601/01/2004
Rodgers, Chester "Chet" A.Beth 4607/18/2009
Hammer, Scott Matthew 4610/28/2010
Peck, Laura Marie [Colpo]Andrew Peck4605/15/2011
Brown, Donna Marie 4611/04/2011
Seaver Jr., James W.Tracy Seaver46Stow, Ohio09/21/2012
Divine, Juanita S. [Hartzler]Phyl Divine46Stow, Ohio10/09/2012
Moon, Eliza Belle [Corey]Alfred H. Moon46Cleveland, OH04/11/1908
Powell, Michelle "Shellie" 46Stow, OH04/01/2015
Berlingieri, Nick Diane Ashton45Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio01/21/2000
Bailey, Michael EDebbie 4511/02/2008
Churchwell, Joseph Lois 4505/19/1998
Cooper, Teresa "Terry" [Yingling]David Cooper4509/03/2006
Coulter, James 4507/22/1993
Ford, Brenda Ann [Obradovich]Jeff Ford4507/27/2003