Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
McManus, Robin [Stokes]Jerry McManus5301/07/2011
Headen, Scott A.Cindy 5305/26/2012
Swartzwelder, Mark L.Carol (companion) 53Arizona05/06/2013
Gaylord, Lucy [Southmayd]Charles Gaylord53Stow, OHna
McCartney, Jeffrey A. 53Stow, OH03/16/2014
Osgood, Carol Jane 53Akron, OH07/03/2014
Flynt, Kimberly L 53Munroe Falls02/20/2015
Hooker, Richard K. 53Stow, OH05/06/2015
Hooker, Richard K. 53Stow, OH05/06/2015
Hannold, Joseph R 53Stow, OH07/04/2015
Sumner, Brenda L. 53Stow, OH10/08/2015
White, Cynthia Ann [Hutchinson] 53Stow, OH03/05/2016
Blakeney, Betty J [Sheppard]Jerry R Blakeney5202/29/2008
Hayes, Timothy M.Carol 5204/06/2009
Cahill, Frank Sr. WCindy Boone5210/28/1994
Cook, Timothy B.Cheryl 52Akron, Ohio01/14/2008
Dillon, Leo Thomas 5207/18/1996
Fleming, Mike Lorna McBride5207/07/2005
Gouch, Sharon Ann [Fulton] 5209/04/2000
Hartline, Cal Rhoda M. Thomas5205/06/1992