Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Caracciolo, Mary LeeFrank Caracciolo6309/30/2011
Daigle, Jean Caniglia [Butler]Rom Caniglia63Stow, Ohio07/25/2012
Marshall, Daniel L. 63Stow, Ohio05/10/2013
Castner, James R.Mella Castner63Stow, OH05/17/2014
Rank, Judith M. [Hill]William S. Rank63Stow, Ohio11/27/2014
Anderson, Diane L. 6310/11/2014
Kreiner, Wendy Diane 63Munroe Falls, Ohio12/19/2014
Robertson, Angela C. [Tassone]Timothy Robertson, Sr.6310/02/2014
Bydash, James S.Diane Bydash (Zuchelli)63Stow, OHna
Bell, Roger BrentLiana Bell63Akron, OH05/27/2015
Zimmerman, Mary Ann [Moore]Brian Zimmerman63Munroe Falls, OH12/06/2015
Whitmire, Christine [Gagliardo] 63Stow, OH02/02/2016
Dancik, Sharon AnnRichard Dancik63Stow, OH08/19/2016
Fragola, James M. 63Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/25/2016
Willoughby, Robert J.Diane Willoughby63Munroe Falls, Ohio12/03/2016
Laing, Larry J.Lori Laing63Hudson, Ohio02/17/2017
Mook, Roy Susan Mook63Stow, Ohio03/02/2017
Davis, Ethel L.Raymond Davis63Stow, Ohio01/04/1977
Sager, Colleen C. 63Stow, Ohio04/07/2015
Moody, Charles Ritzman 63Kent, Ohio09/21/1998