Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Pivarski, Donna C. [Handlovics]James D. Pivarski 6206/18/2010
Croy, Karen F. [Schwet]Gary Croy6211/25/2010
Smith, Marie A. [Scolaro]Michael Smith6212/09/2010
Fields, Jerry RogerDebbie (former) Brooks62Stow, Ohio05/15/2011
Greenshields, James D.Jean Marie 6211/04/2011
O'Connor, Cheryl L. [Connell]Joseph O'Connell6210/11/2011
Young, Mary E. [Smith]Greg Young62Stow, Ohio12/10/2011
Reinersmann, Betsy L.James Reinersmann62Minerva, Ohio09/09/2012
Honeycutt, Jack E. 62Stow, Ohio03/29/2013
Hillyard, Phyllis I.Daniel Hillyard62Stow, Ohio02/19/2013
Smith, Edward Daniel [Granata]Mary Granata-Smith62Stow, OH09/18/2013
Parkins, Patricia Jane [Rusyn]Donald Parkins62Stow, OH02/11/2014
Orlando, Thomas S.Lora (Howton) Orlando62Cleveland Clinic12/24/2014
Smith, Randy 62Stow02/26/2015
Derr, Patricia Sue [Epling]Steve Derr62Stow, OH03/24/2015
Warren, Anne Marie 62Stow, OH05/26/2015
McNamee, Susan E. [Waick-man]Daniel McNamee62Stow, OH06/05/2015
Read, Robert S.Mary Read62Stow, OH11/05/2015
Campbell, Kathleen J. [Jenkins]Jim Campbell62Stow, OH12/21/2015
Nascone, Nicholas CharlesMelinda Nascone62Stow, OH02/08/2016