Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Valone-Stebbins, Julie A. [Valone]David Stebbins5212/12/2011
Bradley, Linda [Johns]Doug Johns5202/08/2012
Briers, Claire L. Hube Briers52Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio09/06/1970
Soliwoda, Ken P.Marlynn Soliwoda52Stow, Ohio03/25/2013
Clowser, Marie H.Tony Clowser52Stow, OH03/21/2014
Burkey, Gregory Lynn 52Stow, Ohio12/11/2014
Sova, Keith S. 5206/10/2014
Bennett, Thomas B. 52Stow, OH02/25/2016
Bostic, Melvin "Slim" RPat (Bessie Lee) 51Medina, Ohio05/22/2003
Mikulas, Timothy A. 5111/22/1998
Carter, Gary L 5109/01/2005
Cassidy, Thomas M 51Houston, Texas03/01/2002
Chapman, Charlie EChris 51Ames, Iowa06/07/2002
Forbes, Christine A. 51Stow, Ohio05/06/2005
Fritz, Melvin Barbara 51Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/07/1970
Hasenyager, Lois [Hasenyager] 5111/10/2002
Hildenbrand, John D.Pamela 5105/23/2002
Jabbour, Chafic Hoda 5112/15/1993
Rhodes, Nancy Ann [Zoloty]Robert Rhodes5106/18/2005
Sayer, Daniel L.Mickey 5110/26/2003