Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Seymour, Quinn Rosalie 0 - age was 8 monthsMinneapolis, Minnesota04/07/2012
Moon, Ava Gianna 0 - Lived 12 daysStow, OH06/03/2012
Kirkpatrick, Agnes Marie [Koval]Earl Kirkpatrick0 - Stow07/01/2012
Archer, Susan [Bedell]Jim Archer0 - Akron, Ohio02/07/2013
Drayer, David W.Melissa Drayer0 - Munroe Falls, Ohio03/17/2013
DeMaio, Angela 0 - Munroe Falls, Ohio02/18/2013
Glisson, Mary Kathryn [Kay] 0 - Stow, OH03/30/2013
Grimm, Zarrious Dell 0 - 9 weeks old at deathStow, OH03/23/2013
Cameron, John E.Jane Cameron0 - Stow, OH05/26/2013
Lutz, Becky Till [Houk]Steve Lutz0 - Stow, OH05/26/2013
Smith, Keith L.Dorothy Smith0 - Davie, FL07/15/2013
Francis, Eileen [Middleton] 0 - Age at death unknownStow, OH07/15/2013
Hoffman, Marilyn [Proehl] 0 - Stow08/23/2016
Agin, Kenneth G.Jean naStow, Ohio05/23/1992
Anderson, Nancy B [Richards]Wayne Andersonna12/04/1993
Arendash, Steve JMary Rita naAkron, Ohiona
Arnold, Lloyd Cecil naGreat Lakes, Illinoisna
Anderson, Eric VKaryn naRavenna, Ohio10/16/2008
Biltz, John Jr DSandie na08/05/2001
Bingham, David StarrNorma Cockerhamna06/26/2006