Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgesort iconPlaceDate
Wyatt, Robert Q.Gail Mealey Wyatt9611/12/2014
Patterson, Evelyn G. [Grubaugh]James R. Patterson96Stow, Ohio10/30/2014
Bolognue, Josephine Theresa [Pasquale]Frank Bolognue9606/27/2014
Robinson, Velma E. [Williams]Lloyd A. Robinson9611/02/2014
Monteith, Mildred J.Paul Monteith96Stow, OH02/23/2015
Ruston, Evelyn ElizabethCharles W. Ruston96Stow Glen Retirement Center03/27/2015
Krupienski, Irene M.Stephen Krupienski96Stow, OH09/26/2015
Kinlan, Agnes William Kinlan96Stow, OH04/23/2016
Rousseau, Catherine V.Arsene Rousseau96Stow, Ohio06/17/2017
Hallis, Nick Wilma Hallis96Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio07/02/2018
Alexander, Mary Annis 96Stow, Ohio07/07/2018
Lann, Susan L.Edward Lann96Stow, Ohio11/26/2018
Knight, Richard E.Mary Knight (Petersen)96Stow, Ohio06/11/2019
Krstulovich, Emma Catherine [Magazeni]Edward Krstulovich96Stow, Ohio06/27/2019
Burgess Moore Gunn, Maxine 1: William, 2: Alvin 1: Moore, 2: Gunn96Berea, Ohio06/29/2019
Wishart, Helen E.Frank Wishart9607/04/2019
Smith, Mary CarrieTheodore "Ted" Smith96Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio07/22/2019
Grunninger, Jeanne Annette [Gwaltney]John Grunninger96Stow, Ohio08/16/2019
Baker, Mildred V 9501/08/1999
Brown, Alfred "Brownie" Edna Mae Fredrick9508/22/2002