Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Noble, Grace 80Stow, Ohio09/09/9999
Polz, Flipp Katharina Polz89Munroe Falls, OH10/04/2016
Koerner, Barcy A. [Loudin]Arthur Koerner71Kent, OH02/08/2016
Nascone, Nicholas CharlesMelinda Nascone62Stow, OH02/08/2016
Dirker, Louis A. 67Stow, OH02/06/2016
Beck, Howard A.Melrose Beck90Munroe Falls, OH02/04/2016
Umbaugh, Margaret Glen Umbaugh99Stow, OH02/02/2016
Vigar, Ceinwen P.George Vigar92Stow, OH02/01/2016
Vigar, Ceinwen "Connie" P. 92Stow, OH02/01/2016
Kniffin, Christan Marie [Beke]John Kniffin32Stow, OH01/30/2016
Staudt, Patrici A.William Staudt91Stow, OH01/30/2016
Evans, Charles Gloria Evans (Gladish)86Stow, OH01/28/2016
Faris, George AlanJudith Faris66Stow, OH01/26/2016
Walburn, Virginia Louise [Poock]Richard E. Walburn91Stow, OH01/25/2016
Rich, Tenny [Lutman]Malcolm RichnaMunroe Falls, OH01/25/2016
Davies, Anna Mae [Bowman]Charles Davies93Munroe Falls, OH01/24/2016
Busby, Gerald W.Walda Busby82Stow, OH01/22/2016
Zuppa, Barbara A. [Zuppa] 73Stow, OH01/22/2016
Nelson, Richard HaroldJoyce Nelson81Stow, OH01/22/2016
Hoffman, Earl Lee 72Stow, OH01/21/2016