Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Noble, Grace 80Stow, Ohio09/09/9999
Luxeder, Anthony "Tony" M. 54Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio12/04/2016
Willoughby, Robert J.Diane Willoughby63Munroe Falls, Ohio12/03/2016
Fry, Jr., Kenneth Gladys Fry78Munroe Falls, Ohio12/01/2016
Ward, Edward A. 73Streetsboro, Ohio11/28/2016
Sayer, Harry AlbertPatricia Sayer80Stow, Ohio11/27/2016
Fragola, James M. 63Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio11/25/2016
Schostak, Elizabeth Walter Schostak87Stow, Ohio11/25/2016
Matheny, Denny Pamela Matheny71Unknown11/24/2016
Nichols, David "Ben" Janet Nichols65Stow, Ohio11/21/2016
Zemelka, Michael Tamara Zemelka73Stow, Ohio11/19/2016
Crookston, Patricia AnnJim Crookston85Stow, Ohio11/19/2016
Moore, Betty J.Donald Moore8511/16/2016
Ritchey, Ellen MayClarence Ritchey8411/15/2016
Choi, Tong ChooPatricia ChoinaMunroe Falls, Ohio11/14/2016
Vogt, Robert Norrene Herrick/HorsfallnaWashington, D.C.11/14/2016
Gill, John M. 56Stow, Ohio11/12/2016
Sikler, Thomas M.Susan Sikler56Munroe Falls, Ohio11/08/2016
Drabold Jr., Walter Ann Drabold8811/08/2016
Pulcini, Hal "The Pooch" June PulcininaMunroe Falls, Ohio11/04/2016