Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Noble, Grace 80Stow, Ohio09/09/9999
Polz, Flipp Katharina Polz89Munroe Falls, OH10/04/2016
McCord, David Bruce 58Stow, OH04/26/2016
Kinlan, Agnes William Kinlan96Stow, OH04/23/2016
Simmons, Gerald J.Beechie Simmons92Stow, OH04/23/2016
Vitullo, Donald MichaelElizabeth Vitullo (nee D'Urso)79Stow, OH04/21/2016
Fowler, Agnes Z.Dewey Fowler95Stow, OH04/21/2016
Hugi, Charles SylvanDelores Hugi89Stow, OH04/20/2016
Lovell, Ellen W. [Ward]John Lovell79Munroe Falls, OH04/18/2016
Thaler, Francis T.Tangee Zayas-Thaler73Stow, OH04/14/2016
Soha, June L.Stanley Soha93Stow, OH04/13/2016
Gibson, Wendy J.Kenneth Gibson62Stow, OH04/13/2016
Jacoby, Mary Margaret [Parham]Bill JacobynaStow, OH04/13/2016
Jensen, Gerald G. 67Silver Lake, OH04/13/2016
Scafidio, Margaret 67Stow, OH04/13/2016
Gabel, Tomiko [Shimizu]George Gabel86Stow, OH04/10/2016
Rajcsak, Joseph E.Kathy Rajcsak70Stow, OH04/10/2016
Frankino, George J.Laurie Frankino (nee Alberty)72Stow, OH04/09/2016
Kennedy, Ronald James 69Stow, OH04/08/2016
Johnson, George F. 88Stow, OH04/07/2016