Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Phillips, Florence E. [Brooks] 76Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio06/21/1993
Brown, Anne MarieJack Brownna06/17/1993
Holt, Helen K.Chester Holt8806/16/1993
Brooks, R B 6906/08/1993
Grelson, Duane H.Sharon 64Stow, Ohio06/08/1993
Chitwood, Ollive BOscar Chitwood9306/07/1993
Brandle, Donald RBetty (1) Avanell (2) 7006/03/1993
Barr, John H [Harris] 6706/02/1993
Holt, Robert GlenroyMarie 5906/02/1993
Milner, Vernice IreneDaniel E. "Mickey" Milner8105/31/1993
Riggs, Robert S.Betty E. 6905/27/1993
Baylor, Stella EClarence Baylor8805/26/1993
Poole, Marybell E.Harvey H. Poole8505/26/1993
Mills, Bruce G. 4605/16/1993
Catanese, Carl AMargherite Rich7305/16/1993
Robinson, David J.Jan 44Kent, Ohio05/16/1993
Chapman, James EVerla McCue8205/14/1993
Cook, Florence J.David J. Cook8605/13/1993
McMillen, Martha M. [Horning]Ernest L. McMillen8205/02/1993
Holden, Ross B.Ruthe 7904/30/1993