Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Green, Mary Terrissa 14Stow, Ohio02/14/1881
Swinehart, Levi Sarah Myers4202/11/1878
Wells, John Emily Gilbert7103/02/1875
Starr, Mary [Cannon]Josiah Starr8607/17/1874
Southmayd, Erastus L.Anna (1) Clarissa (2) Wetmore (1) Rice (2)52Ohio10/10/1866
Stow, William Margaret Gaylord7809/20/1853
North, George Catherine Wrightna08/13/1850
Abbott, John D. 21Butler, PA11/11/1111
Arendash, Steve JMary Rita naAkron, Ohiona
Arnold, Lloyd Cecil naGreat Lakes, Illinoisna
Blasse, Neil E 29Vickery, Ohiona
Bohl, James L 59na
Bradfish, August "Brad" II Fred 34Stow, Ohiona
Call, Charles A.Olive A. Priornana
Cable, William WEthel 83Ft. Wayne, Indianana
Calta, Michael R. 42na
Cargould, Wilma Kathy 81na
Cook, William E.Jean naFrancena
Coughenour, Charles 77na
Crist, Margaret J. [Ritchie] 94Stow, Ohiona