Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Russell, Evelyn L. [Crawford]Lowell L. Russell6503/27/1994
Sigmund, Dennis E.Deborah 3703/27/1994
Hendricks, Clarence "Chick" E.Donna 7603/24/1994
Westbury, Harold G.Nancy 6103/17/1994
Didado, Frank Arlene 7603/16/1994
Dyer, Clara C. [Boston]Barcy E. Dyer89Point Pleasant, West Virginia03/07/1994
Fitz, Jeanne 6103/03/1994
Olsen, Inga S. 9803/02/1994
Cox, Bertha Jeanne [Cox] 7202/21/1994
Holeman, Irene May 8002/18/1994
Moorehead, Alice H.Floyd Moorehead8602/16/1994
Mattern, Patricia A. [Bergen]William B. Mattern6202/05/1994
Parker, Irene "Rena" Teresa [Addis]Howard Parker89Fairmont, West Virginia02/01/1994
Rogers, Cerolina H.Roland B. Rogers9601/31/1994
Silliman, James Sr. D. 7201/24/1994
Griffith, Robert "Bob" F.Martha 8001/19/1994
O'Dell, Marjorie L. [McMillion]Romnel C. O'Dell6501/15/1994
DeLuca, Grace [Bozelli]Vincent William Sr. DeLuca7201/12/1994
Delong, Mark A. 32Kindsbach, Germany01/10/1994
Edington, Florence A. 9701/10/1994