Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Hausch, Suzanne "Sue" [Beck]Fred Hausch3410/29/1991
Holley, Nancy A.Curtis Holley6310/24/1991
Carruthers, Helen VWilliam Carruthers8010/23/1991
Copeland, Scott CarlePatricia M. Gregory4910/23/1991
Marinoff, Evanka 8110/19/1991
Dean, Stewart Amer Jane 7710/14/1991
Knight, Marguerite P.Jack Knight7310/14/1991
Sutton, Charles "Gene" E. 6710/13/1991
Poe, Katherine MarieJames W. Poe8910/12/1991
Schroeder, Harry C. 7010/10/1991
Malm, Edwin L.Donna 6410/08/1991
Patterson, Marelda "Rusty" Ralph Patterson6310/06/1991
McElroy, Andrew R. 910/05/1991
Burkett, Wesley Sr. A 6109/15/1991
Shiltz, Martin Mary R. 7709/15/1991
Elms, Hazel Steven Elms9409/14/1991
Beech, Richard GAlice E Harry6809/11/1991
Frederick, Joann H. [Frederick] 6209/10/1991
Kinzel, Betty A. 6709/09/1991
Bailey, Roy D 5509/08/1991