Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Kahooilihala, Adam Jeffrey naStow02/19/2015
Fair, David E.Barbara Fair78Stow, OH02/18/2015
Donnet, Marlene AnnBill Donnet78Stow, OH02/17/2015
Hanke, Paul GerardMarlene Hanke79Stow, OH02/15/2015
Korb, Marion FayCharles Korb80Stow, OH02/12/2015
Simmons, Patricia AnnEarl Simmons82Stow, OH02/11/2015
Teodosio, Alexander E.Anna Marie Teodosio90Stow, OH02/10/2015
Severson, Ruth Evelyn [Crouch]Earl Severson90Stow02/08/2015
Tandy, Kathleen [Ritterbeck]Beecher Tandy87Stow, OH01/29/2015
Cunningham, Audrey N.Foster George Cunningham9101/27/2015
Morris, Lisa Dawn [Peck]Thomas Morris4101/27/2015
Smith, Amy Marguerite [Neff]Douglas Smith48Kent, Ohio01/27/2015
Cunningham, Audrey N.Foster George Cunningham91Hudson01/27/2015
Wolverton, Betty Jean [Greenshields]John Edward Wolverton91Stow, Ohio01/26/2015
Bills, James E. 56Stow, OH01/23/2015
Henry, Martha [Jones]Joseph Ferraro (1) Earl Kunkle (2) Kenneth Henry (3) 8601/22/2015
Seymour, Mary Elizabeth "Beth" [Chastain]John Ralph Seymour6601/22/2015
Stone, Beulah Aleen [Hickman]William G. Stone9101/22/2015
Rhodes, Arthur "Dusty" Nancy Shaffer61Akron City Hospital Hospice Center01/19/2015
Fields, Thomas LovellSue (Perkins) Fields86Maison Aine, Stow, Oh01/18/2015