Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Reed, Nancy C.Benjamin Reed77Akron, Oh10/01/2013
Crock, Kathleen Rita [Haas]Clement J. Crock94Kent, Oh09/30/2013
Thomas, Robert "Tommy" J.Jackie Thomas86Stow, OH09/30/2013
Lillich, Jane W. 89Akron, Oh09/27/2013
Chamberlin, Ann L. [Knowlton]Richard Chamberlin74Stow, OH09/24/2013
Walukonis, Edward R.Barbara Walukonis61Stow, OH09/22/2013
Walukonis, Edward R.Barbara Walukonis61Stow, Oh09/22/2013
Curry, Junior Joan Curry87Stow, OH09/21/2013
Smith, Edward Daniel [Granata]Mary Granata-Smith62Stow, OH09/18/2013
Matty, Evelyn R. [Makowski]Steve Matty80Stow, Ohio08/22/2013
Porter, Mildred "Millie" Ruth [Predico]David Ross Porter84Punta Gorda, FL08/22/2013
Foringer, Ralph L.Charlotte Foringer88Stow, Oh08/19/2013
Zanin, Armando Prudence Zanin89Stow, Oh08/16/2013
Jones, Norma W. [Bauer] 83Stow, Oh08/15/2013
Schmitt, David 57Stow, OH07/30/2013
Dick, Carol Sue [Skubis] 68Stow, Ohio07/17/2013
Brown, Willard C. "Woody" 90Stow, Ohio07/16/2013
Smith, Keith L.Dorothy Smith0 - Davie, FL07/15/2013
Francis, Eileen [Middleton] 0 - Age at death unknownStow, OH07/15/2013
Thomas, James D.Iva Ruth Thomas88Akron, Oh07/15/2013