Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Riley, Marilou Kenneth Riley77Munroe Falls, OH04/20/2015
McCartney, Angeline M. [Testa] 92Stow, OH04/18/2015
Ellis, Rachel [Loar]Robert Ellis94Tucson, Arizona04/16/2015
Wetshtein, Marguerite [Rizzo]Paul Wetshtein88Stow, OH04/16/2015
Shanholtz, Thurman JGloria Bogyus89Stow, OH04/15/2015
Puse, Brian CarlJoan Puse82Stow, OH04/15/2015
Justice, Robert L.Ellie Hershberger80Stow, OH04/14/2015
Johnson, Patricia [Collins]Robert Hiram Johnson Jr.naStow, OH04/13/2015
Chojnacki, James RichardJudith Chojnacki72Stow, OH04/12/2015
Helton, Marilyn Ruth [Clever]Wilson (Gene) Helton84Munroe Falls, OH04/12/2015
Rossi, Gary Barbara Rossi93Tallmadge, OH04/10/2015
Hedderly, Mary Ann [Nash]Russel L. Hedderly85Dayton, OH04/05/2015
Bradford, James Louis 72Stow, OH04/04/2015
Powell, Michelle "Shellie" 46Stow, OH04/01/2015
Cury, Michael EugeneMarsha Cury61Stow, OH03/28/2015
Brazis, Majorie A. [Tokar]Edward Brazis76Stow, OH03/28/2015
Curry, Michael EugeneMarsha Curry61Stow, OH03/28/2015
Smith, Theodore Mary Smith (Kurtz)95Cuyahoga Falls, OH03/27/2015
Ruston, Evelyn ElizabethCharles W. Ruston96Stow Glen Retirement Center03/27/2015
Schiler, Ruth E.Frederick Schiler99Mansfield, OH03/25/2015