Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Crow, Ronald EdwardFlora Jean Stefan78Stow, OH09/06/2015
Brown, Thora L. [Erwine]David W. Brown79Stow, OH09/04/2015
Tanno, Donald JamesJosephine Tanno93Stow, OH09/03/2015
Kreuz, Joseph PeterJoyce Kreuz87Stow, OH09/02/2015
Clapsaddle-Bond, Patricia A.James E. Bond86Stow, OH08/28/2015
Rager Jr., Robert M.Lillian Rager84Stow, OH08/28/2015
VanBrimmer, Karl E. 48Stow, OH08/28/2015
Evans, Gary P.Leonor Evans77Munroe Falls, OH08/26/2015
Biggs, Madeline Micheal Jarrett88Stow, OH08/26/2015
Sampson, Justin William 31Stow, OH08/23/2015
Marinellie, Catherine Mary 77Munroe Falls, OH08/22/2015
Rumpler, Mary Lou Ward Vernon Rumpler95Munroe Falls, OH08/22/2015
Christner, Milton E.Lois Witsaman95Kentucky08/21/2015
Hibbs, Herbert L.Betty Lou Hibbs85Stow, OH08/21/2015
Snowberger, Irene A. [Smith]Harold Snowberger93Stow, OH08/19/2015
Nelson, Martin D.Helen Nelson91Stow, OH08/19/2015
Armour, Nancy J. [Henderson]Richard Armour77Stow, OH08/19/2015
Cardarelli, Beulah Leland Cardarelli93Stow, OH08/16/2015
Boschert, Gary 64Stow, OH08/12/2015
Vaglia, Margaret H. 77Stow, OH08/11/2015