Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Schiler, Ruth E.Frederick Schiler99Mansfield, OH03/25/2015
Derr, Patricia Sue [Epling]Steve Derr62Stow, OH03/24/2015
Sonnhalter, Robert Carolyn Sonnhalter (Farkas)90Stow, OH03/23/2015
Cole, Doris Jean [Hughes]Harold G. Cole85Stow, OH03/21/2015
Galehouse, Jeane M.Frank Galehousena03/21/2015
Landis, James L.Betty Mathia73Suffield, OH03/19/2015
Dickman, LaVerne MaeGerald Dickman80Stow, OH03/19/2015
Campbell, Norma Lafie Campbell8203/15/2015
Lopeman, Ronald WelbyJanet Lopeman79Munroe Falls03/13/2015
Liptak, Joyce B [Alexander]Andy Liptak76Stow, OH03/12/2015
McClure, Ryan Alexander 27Stow, OH03/12/2015
Hale, Dan Elizabeth Hale66Stow, OH03/12/2015
Beckley, Rosemary [Capra]bob Beckley86Peoria, Arizona03/12/2015
Billings, Barbara J.Roy Billings82Stow, OH03/10/2015
Brandon, Richard Mark 49Stow03/04/2015
Culler, Douglas CBrenda Culler64Stow03/04/2015
Robinson, Arbutus "Bobbie" LeoneDave Robinson91Stow03/04/2015
Ripple, Eugene GeorgeBarbara Ripple83Stow03/03/2015
Mowder, Barbara JeanJames E. Mowder77Stow02/28/2015
Pyle, Wayne E.Judy Pyle80Munfore Falls02/27/2015