Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Atkins, Matilda "Tillie" [Perge]George Atkins91Stow, OH08/16/2016
Verderico, Margaret A. [Adlon]Nicolas Verderico69Stow, OH08/15/2016
Weber, Joan H. [Henderson]William Weber85Stow, OH08/14/2016
Manley, Timothy D. 47Stow, OH08/12/2016
Keckler, Jane Elizabeth [Purdum]Norman Keckler88Massillon, OH08/11/2016
Bertsch, Paul Anthony 47Stow, OH08/10/2016
Bangs, Marilyn J.Howard Bags82Medina, OH07/31/2016
Grosse, David LeeBarbara Grosse78Stow, OH07/30/2016
Ramos, Joyce Ann [Churchwell]Andrew Ramos67Stow, OH07/29/2016
Carlyon, Adam R. 22Stow, OH07/27/2016
Wise, Michael C.Lorrie Reffner54Stow, OH07/25/2016
Edge, Clarence W.Kathy Edge58Stow, OH07/24/2016
Knotts, Jordan Christopher 22Stow, OH07/21/2016
Parrish, Robert H.Vida Parrish79Stow, OH07/20/2016
Jacot, Shirley ARussell Jacot87Stow, OH07/20/2016
Zurawsky, Joanne M. [Donald]Allen Zurawsky73Stow, OH07/19/2016
Harper, Carrie Elizabeth [Czirok]James Harper3707/19/2016
Stutzman, Shirley G. 80Munroe Falls, OH07/17/2016
King, Richard C.Beverly King83Stow, OH07/14/2016
Hunt, Wilda Dible [Warren]Hubert Hunt100Stow, OH07/10/2016