Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Pyle, Wayne E.Judy Pyle80Munfore Falls02/27/2015
Smith, Randy 62Stow02/26/2015
Kleinhans, Mary KathrynRichard Kleinhans84Stow02/25/2015
Reginald Scott, Grace C. Dr. Kenneth W. Scott8702/25/2015
Monteith, Mildred J.Paul Monteith96Stow, OH02/23/2015
Fobean, Elaine Ann [Yurek]Donald F. Fobean Sr.78Stow02/23/2015
Bailey, Clark L.Esther Bailey (Russell)8902/21/2015
White, Robert A.Emma White93Munroe Falls02/21/2015
Lajzer, Carolyn Jane [Hinkle]Melvin Lajzer80Stow, OH02/20/2015
Biscan, Rita M. [Koudelka]John J. Biscan92Stow, OH02/20/2015
Flynt, Kimberly L 53Munroe Falls02/20/2015
Kahooilihala, Adam Jeffrey naStow02/19/2015
Fair, David E.Barbara Fair78Stow, OH02/18/2015
Donnet, Marlene AnnBill Donnet78Stow, OH02/17/2015
Hanke, Paul GerardMarlene Hanke79Stow, OH02/15/2015
Korb, Marion FayCharles Korb80Stow, OH02/12/2015
Simmons, Patricia AnnEarl Simmons82Stow, OH02/11/2015
Teodosio, Alexander E.Anna Marie Teodosio90Stow, OH02/10/2015
Severson, Ruth Evelyn [Crouch]Earl Severson90Stow02/08/2015
Tandy, Kathleen [Ritterbeck]Beecher Tandy87Stow, OH01/29/2015