Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Solan, George M.Marjorie Solan89Stow, OH02/27/2016
Halpin, Dolores A.Larry Halpin87Stow, OH02/26/2016
Bennett, Thomas B. 52Stow, OH02/25/2016
Aurilio, Alex S.Ruth Aurilo89Stow, OH02/24/2016
Morelli, Mary Jeannine [Sinnott]John Morelli86Stow, OH02/24/2016
Dauchy, Robert E.Susie Dauchy71Greer, South Carolina02/18/2016
Wands, Theodore D.Gail Wands75Stow, OH02/17/2016
Smith, Penny J. [Pierson]Don SmithnaStow, OH02/15/2016
Tracht, Jerome Jackie Tracht86Stow, OH02/14/2016
Boden, Leonard Eugene naStow, OH02/13/2016
Schmitz, Josephine Ralph Schmitz103Munroe Falls, OH02/13/2016
Koerner, Barcy A. [Loudin]Arthur Koerner71Kent, OH02/08/2016
Nascone, Nicholas CharlesMelinda Nascone62Stow, OH02/08/2016
Dirker, Louis A. 67Stow, OH02/06/2016
Beck, Howard A.Melrose Beck90Munroe Falls, OH02/04/2016
Hess, Treva J. 78Stow, OH02/03/2016
Umbaugh, Margaret Glen Umbaugh99Stow, OH02/02/2016
Whitmire, Christine [Gagliardo] 63Stow, OH02/02/2016
Schilling, Charlotte Alice [Taggart]Reinhard Schilling83Stow, OH02/02/2016
Vigar, Ceinwen P.George Vigar92Stow, OH02/01/2016