Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Harris, Eleanor I. [Mills]Harold S. Harris Sr.83Stow, Ohio 08/29/2016
Sherman, Denny Hafer 73Stow, Ohio 422408/29/2016
Petersen, Robert J. Elizabeth Petersen 49Stow08/28/2016
Conti, Robert DominicFaye Conti90Munroe Falls, OH08/27/2016
Umbower, George D.Iris Umbower85Stow, OH08/27/2016
Sager, Linda SusanDon Sager50Munroe Falls, OH08/24/2016
Thayer, Carol A. [Mangold]Dean Thayer75Stow, OH08/23/2016
Hoffman, Marilyn [Proehl]Don Hoffman55Stow, OH08/23/2016
Hoffman, Marilyn [Proehl] 0 - Stow08/23/2016
Stanley, Scott Joseph 56Stow, OH08/21/2016
Dancik, Sharon AnnRichard Dancik63Stow, OH08/19/2016
Fronk, Margaret Jack Fronk82Stow, OH08/19/2016
Greer, James F.Ora Greer87Cuyahoga Falls, OH08/16/2016
Runyon, June A. [Hooper]Richard Runyon87Cuyahoga Falls, OH08/16/2016
Atkins, Matilda "Tillie" [Perge]George Atkins91Stow, OH08/16/2016
Verderico, Margaret A. [Adlon]Nicolas Verderico69Stow, OH08/15/2016
Weber, Joan H. [Henderson]William Weber85Stow, OH08/14/2016
Manley, Timothy D. 47Stow, OH08/12/2016
Keckler, Jane Elizabeth [Purdum]Norman Keckler88Massillon, OH08/11/2016
Bertsch, Paul Anthony 47Stow, OH08/10/2016