Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Campbell, Kathleen J. [Jenkins]Jim Campbell62Stow, OH12/21/2015
Esker, Dixie LeeCarl Esker76Stow, OH12/19/2015
Price, Paula J. [Johnson] 67Tallmadge, OH12/18/2015
Hamilton, Virginia [Forney]Earl W. Hamilton82Stow, OH12/15/2015
Myers, John WilliamBarbara Myers73Stow, OH12/13/2015
Allen, David A.Velma Kay Allen72Stow, OH12/12/2015
Tassone, Theresa L. [Kuzma]Joseph Tassone86Stow, OH12/12/2015
Cingle, Pauline 89Stow, OH12/09/2015
Zimmerman, Mary Ann [Moore]Brian Zimmerman63Munroe Falls, OH12/06/2015
Beck, Bonnie J. [Ackerman]Larry BecknaStow, OH12/06/2015
Flogge, Verna M. [Trocchio]Andrew Flogge98Stow, OH12/05/2015
Brandle, Theodore L.Janet Brandle (Hughes)69Stow, OH12/05/2015
Brandle, Theodore L.Janet Brandle (nee Hughes)69Stow, OH12/05/2015
Bowery, Annelore E. [Weitmann]James Bowery81Munroe Falls, OH12/02/2015
Jager, Maria [Haber]Jaroslav Jager91Stow, OH12/02/2015
Gulajski, David A. 51Stow, OH11/30/2015
Shuman, Ted E.Nancy Shuman90Stow, OH11/27/2015
Hanson, Dorothy H. 88Stow, OH11/25/2015
Shaver, Clyde C.Arlene Shaver91Cuyahoga Falls, OH11/25/2015
Jones, Josephine M.Kelly Jones87Stow, OH11/24/2015