Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Reding, Ruth E. 90Stow, OH07/12/2015
Hooper, Billie J. [Frederick] 72Stow, OH07/09/2015
Lutz, Charles W.Audrey Lutz (Harnack)68Stow, OH07/06/2015
Piggford, Kendra Marie 16Stow, OH07/05/2015
Hannold, Joseph R 53Stow, OH07/04/2015
Miner, John W.Andrea Miner68Stow, OH07/03/2015
Shallahamer, Donald L.Doris Shallahamer (Steele)84Stow, OH06/30/2015
Adkins, Scott 59Stow, OH06/30/2015
Orr, Robert F.Linda Orr65Munroe Falls, OH06/28/2015
Glasgow, Paul Lori Glasgow51Stow, OH06/28/2015
Lindsey, Steven R. 41Stow, OH06/25/2015
Vidd, Jeanne [Kyr]Louis Vidd89Stow, OH06/25/2015
Kilgore, Aaron Justin 33Akron, OH06/23/2015
Baynes, Will Ruth Ann Baynes90Stow, OH06/23/2015
Long Jr., Lawrence J.Renee Long (Thompson)51Stow, OH06/22/2015
Guenther, Nora Carl Guenther77Stow, OH06/20/2015
Cox, Judith H. naStow, OH06/18/2015
Defer, Margaret Charlene [Stewart]Major Alexander Defer87Stow, Oh06/16/2015
Wiegand, Stephen M.Bonnie Wiegand67Stow, OH06/14/2015
Ward, Dorothy Laura [McGraw]Ralph E. Ward97Stow, OH06/14/2015