Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Bowes, Sterling WallaceColleen Bowes88Stow, OH11/23/2015
Lukens, Coralie Dene 91Munroe Falls, OH11/23/2015
Duck, Jamie N. 61Munroe Falls, OH11/22/2015
DiMascio, Ramon J.Audrey DiMascio84Stow, OH11/21/2015
Endres, Helen B.William Endres83Stow, OH11/18/2015
Endres, Helen B.William Endres83Stow, OH11/18/2015
Frank, Carl JamesKaren Frank69Stow, OH11/16/2015
Skafec, Joseph EmilJohanna Pavolich (Skafec)90Stow, OH11/16/2015
Perry, John W.Fannie Perry81Munroe Falls, OH11/14/2015
Waggoner, Beverly A.Billy Waggoner82Stow, OH11/13/2015
Ashley, Harwood "Sonny" E.Jenny Ashley88Stow, OH11/13/2015
Skidmore, James 76Wadsworth, OH11/13/2015
Brown, Carolyn May [Hinton]Donald Brown77Stow, OH11/09/2015
Thomas, Karen Jean [Yurchison]Pete Thomas61Stow, OH11/05/2015
Kasayka, Christine Marie [Hering]David Kasayka65Stow, OH11/05/2015
Welton, Ruth Rev. Ralph Welton88Stow, OH11/05/2015
Easton, Effie ReitsmaLeRoy H. EastonnaStow, OH11/05/2015
Read, Robert S.Mary Read62Stow, OH11/05/2015
Shirhal, Linda J. [Macaluso] 67Stow, OH11/04/2015
Emauneul, Rose Joan [Maimone]Anthony Emanuel98Stow, OH11/03/2015