Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Denholm, Ronald P.LuAnn Denholm54North Carolina10/23/2015
Hutchinson, Thomas HaroldDeanna Hutchinson81Stow, OH10/22/2015
Dodd, Marylou Gordon Dodd76Munroe Falls, OH10/20/2015
Thompson, Hazel I [Myers] 90Stow, OH10/20/2015
Crawford, Richard RayburnJana Crawford (Franklin)75Stow, OH10/17/2015
Rafalko, Anthony T. 77Stow, OH10/15/2015
Quinn, Christopher BryanCarrie Quinn54Stow, OH10/12/2015
McLeland, Rita J. [Choate]Joseph C. McLeland87Munroe Falls, OH10/10/2015
Sumner, Brenda L. 53Stow, OH10/08/2015
Berryhill, Richard LyleGrace Berryhill77Stow, OH10/07/2015
Goss, Ernest DonaldPeggy Gregory83Stow, OH10/06/2015
Mahoney, Tammy Sue [Lane]Brent Mahoney4410/03/2015
Mohler, Mary KathrynJames Mohler91Stow, OH09/28/2015
Morgan, Robert HaroldGreta Morgan87Hudson, OH09/27/2015
Krupienski, Irene M.Stephen Krupienski96Stow, OH09/26/2015
Scobbo, James J.Marlene Sweeney Scobbo79Stow, OH09/25/2015
Sage, Mabel B. [Kim]Russell Sage101Stow, OH09/23/2015
Koesterer, Joseph B.Eleanor Koesterer93Stow, OH09/23/2015
Scott, Jerry LeeBeverly Hansen69Stow, OH09/22/2015
McElroy, Anna M. [Bower]Carl McElroy89Munroe Falls, OH09/21/2015