Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]SpouseAgePlaceDatesort icon
Sage, Mabel B. [Kim]Russell Sage101Stow, OH09/23/2015
Koesterer, Joseph B.Eleanor Koesterer93Stow, OH09/23/2015
Scott, Jerry LeeBeverly Hansen69Stow, OH09/22/2015
McElroy, Anna M. [Bower]Carl McElroy89Munroe Falls, OH09/21/2015
Wilson, Jeff Wm.Sandy Wilson50Stow, OH09/19/2015
Sullivan, Delila JeanJohn Sullivan69Stow, OH09/17/2015
Antognoli, Louie Mary "Tee" Antognoli89Cuyahoga Falls, OH09/17/2015
Cipollone, Domenico Concetta Cipollone90Stow, OH09/16/2015
Schnabel, Howard M.Betty Schnabel91Munroe Falls, OH09/16/2015
Maxwell, William R.Colleen Maxwell77Stow, OH09/11/2015
Yanchak, Danny MichaelAntoinette Yanchak72Stow, OH09/09/2015
Blanchard, Nanci C. 71Stow, OH09/09/2015
Bimshas, Martha Jean [Ellard] 81Stow, OH09/09/2015
Myers, Joseph T.Peggy Myers86Stow, OH09/06/2015
Crow, Ronald EdwardFlora Jean Stefan78Stow, OH09/06/2015
Brown, Thora L. [Erwine]David W. Brown79Stow, OH09/04/2015
Tanno, Donald JamesJosephine Tanno93Stow, OH09/03/2015
Kreuz, Joseph PeterJoyce Kreuz87Stow, OH09/02/2015
Clapsaddle-Bond, Patricia A.James E. Bond86Stow, OH08/28/2015
Rager Jr., Robert M.Lillian Rager84Stow, OH08/28/2015