Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Williams, Mason Andrew 0 - infant12/02/2004
Williams, Melissa A. 4301/02/2010
Williams, Donald E.Lola 8005/04/2010
Williams, Mary E.Lloyd Williams9008/18/2011
Williams, William HaroldCarol 7308/02/2011
Williams, Willima "Bill" EmanuelRenee Williams94Stow, OH04/29/2014
Williams, John "Jay" Bobbi Williams56Stow, Ohio10/25/2014
Williams, Paul MountHelen Virginia Carlson85Stow, OH05/06/2015
Williams, Eleanor Ruth [Haddock]Allen Williams80Phoenix, AZ04/23/2015
Williams, Michael ToddGena Tygard Williams47Stow, OH12/29/2015
Willemsen, Frances [Kilbourne] 9004/23/2009
Willemsen, Robert C.Lucy E. 7607/01/1991
Willcox, Hannah [Porter]Leverett H. WillcoxnaOhio03/04/1881
Willberg, Marilyn L. [Larson]Paul Willberg6402/01/1991
Willberg, Paul W.Marilyn 79North Canton, Ohio01/15/2004
Willard, Ada M. [Miller]Clark S. Willard8205/03/1999
Wilkinson, Charlotte M.Harry R. (1) William "Jack" (2) Suppes (1) Wilkinson (2)88Westerville, Ohio10/17/2004
Wilkinson, Jesse W.Margaret 84Akron, Ohio10/18/1992
Wilkinson, M. WaynePat 6706/10/2004
Wilkinson, Leona E. "Evelyn"Woodrow Wilkinson95Stow, Ohio09/17/2014