Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Crane, Fred A.Oda 7101/19/1998
Crane, Oda CharlotteFred Crane86Stow, Ohio12/02/2014
Craig, Ruby [Yarger]John "Jack" Craig8902/14/2000
Crack, Leonard "Mike" 6904/18/2011
Crabtree, Bernard J.Roberta 6504/25/1997
Crabtree, Edward LouisShirley 80Stow, Ohio01/21/2003
Cox, Bertha Jeanne [Cox] 7202/21/1994
Cox, Elizabeth "Bette" Mae [Mack] 7907/31/2001
Cox, James R.Doris 7112/08/2001
Cox, William W.Betty 7603/28/2007
Cox, Betty J. [Brenneman]William Cox7906/27/2009
Cox, Doris M. [Hayes]James R. Cox8001/24/2011
Cox, Judith H. naStow, OH06/18/2015
Cowley, Almeda L.John "Jake" Cowley86Stow, Ohio06/23/2012
Cowles, Austin HughesElizabeth "Lib" 8305/02/1994
Coulter, Cale L.Fay (1) Carol (2) 8202/20/2000
Coulter, Carol M.Charles Vernon (1) Cale L. (2) Sheeser (1) Coulter (2)8206/08/2002
Coulter, James 4507/22/1993
Coulson, John L.Dottie 7505/04/2004
Coughenour, Charles 77na