Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Dempster, G. RobertOma 6507/02/1991
DeMoss, Forrest A.Dolores DeMoss91Stow, Ohio10/30/2012
DeMoss, Diana Freddie Donald DeMoss72Stow, Ohio10/20/2016
Demetros, Mary B. [Black]George DemetrosnaAkron, Ohio10/23/2001
DeMent, CArole M. [Bryce]Gary DeMent6705/09/2012
Demaree, Mary C.Harry Z. Demaree9106/13/2014
DeMaio, Angela 0 - Munroe Falls, Ohio02/18/2013
DeLuca, Grace [Bozelli]Vincent William Sr. DeLuca7201/12/1994
Deltour, Joseph L.Christine 6810/22/2008
DeLooze, Robert P.Polly 6907/06/2005
DeLong, Evelyn K. [Kreisle]Richard DeLong8011/29/2002
Delong, Mark A. 32Kindsbach, Germany01/10/1994
DeLong, Richard W.Evelyn 7709/23/1999
Delmoro, Edward Albina "Alba" Scarpellini96Stow, Ohio10/15/2004
Delker, Robert L.Mary 8107/01/2009
Delker, Robert L.Mary 8107/01/2009
Delker, Mary SueRobert Delker78 05/28/2010
DeLap, Stella [Wood]Charles Wood7604/02/2011
Delaney, Betty Francis Delaney7708/03/1999
Dekle, Dorothy [Zustin] 8707/20/2011