Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Wetmore, Sara E.Dan Wetmore9612/29/2000
Wetmore, Fred Green 8604/25/1969
Wetmore, Lawrence A.Marian Wetmore78Stow, Ohio03/18/1966
Wetmore, Fred G. 86West Richfield, OHna
Wetmore, Mary BirgeSilas Wetmore76Stow, OH10/01/1903
Wetmore, Seth H. 75Summit County, OH05/31/1903
Westover, Eldon NedNora E. 10001/15/1999
Westfall, Ernest E.Charlotte 4906/25/1992
Westfall, Patsy A. [Wootan]Billy Westfall78Stow, OH05/29/2016
Westfall, Keith Cheryl Westfall67Stow, Ohio02/10/2017
Westendorf, Beatrice M. [Mayer]Albert Westendorf 101Stow, Ohio10/21/2014
Westbury, Harold G.Nancy 6103/17/1994
West, Donald W.Kathleen Laughlin48Akron, Ohio01/13/1993
West, Shirley D.Jack West9006/24/2011
Wertz, Glenna M. [Siegfried]Earl O. Wertz91Stow, Ohio03/09/1997
Werntz, Danyl L. 54Stow, OH07/09/2016
Weninger, Mathew F.Erma 8605/26/1998
Wendlandt, Hugo Ingrid Wendlandt88Stow, Ohio08/10/2018
Welton, Ruth Rev. Ralph Welton88Stow, OH11/05/2015
Wells, Alpha [Hatfiled] 7812/04/1991