Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Giet, Carl Gustave 84na
Giebfried, Rose Marie [Kleinmeyer]William Giebfried8807/29/1993
Giddens, Eileen M.Virgil Giddens7212/26/2005
Gibson, Charles "Chuck" O.Cora 6902/18/2002
Gibson, Cora MaeChuck Gibson7502/14/2012
Gibson, Wendy J.Kenneth Gibson62Stow, OH04/13/2016
Gibel, Robert D.Michelle Alexander4707/22/2003
Gibbons, Dorothy M.Curtis Gibbons8705/22/2002
Gibbons, A. Joseph Nora Gibbons (Quigley)91Stow, Ohio04/20/2017
Geyer, Patricia [Hess] 7510/14/2002
Geyer, Richard H. 7707/27/2002
Gessler, Donald R.Thelma 8610/03/1992
Gessler, Marie M.Donald Gessler8501/04/2015
Gerry, William E.Helen Plaster8601/02/2012
Germano, Fern M. [Gahring]Floyd F. Germano78Arcadia, Florida01/18/2003
Germano, Floyd F.Fern Gahring7409/26/1994
German, Sr., Philip E.Nancy Hutchison70Lakeside-Marblehead, OH10/04/2014
Gerber Spaulding, Louise G. Alan Spaulding10101/04/2018
Gerber, Clyde June 56Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio05/16/1972
Gerber, June RoseClyde Gerber8608/17/2004