Obituary Database List

Complete list of the Obituary Database.
Name[maiden]sort iconSpouseAgePlaceDate
Dailey, Bruce A.Alma Dailey93Stow, OH04/29/2016
Dailey, Alma CeceliaBruce Dailey87Stow, OH05/02/2016
Daigle, Jean Caniglia [Butler]Rom Caniglia63Stow, Ohio07/25/2012
Dahl, Wesley NelsonJanet Dahl89Stow, OH06/16/2016
Dague, Burton E. 8706/19/2001
D'Amico, Annette M. 2504/27/1990
D'Amico, Gloria Joseph P. D'Amico8511/06/2008
D'Amico, Joseph P. 92Stow, Ohio03/03/2017
Czerwinski, Elsie M.Sigmund Czerwinski8002/06/2000
Cutlip, Josephine Orval Cutlip7302/26/2004
Cutlip, Orval E.Josephine 7703/04/2004
Cutlip, David Sr. Wayne 5302/25/2004
Cury, Michael EugeneMarsha Cury61Stow, OH03/28/2015
Curry, Caryn Ann 5607/07/2007
Curry, Mary A.William Curry7112/28/1996
Curry, Mary G. [Gault]Gene Curry8402/06/2008
Curry, Patience Lee 23Minneapolis, Minnesota12/12/2001
Curry, William V.Mary A (1) Vivian (2) Fabick (2)7910/06/2005
Curry, W. "Gene" E.Mary G. 8502/26/2009
Curry, James "Doug" DouglasKathy 6208/01/2009