Business Ethics

Stow-Munroe Falls High School
Business Ethics


  • SMFPL Business Databases Use the INFOTRAC 'Business and Company Resource Center' to look up articles on specific companies. (You will need a Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library card to access this from a school or home computer.) Click on Articles, then type in company name; try subjects like "ethical aspects."
  • Corporate Scandal Tracker's excellent chart of the big corporate ethics scandals, with clickable links under each company name to News articles and to People involved in the scandal.
  • Washington Post: Ethics Articles A page of various corporate ethics-related articles, listed by company: includes Adelphia, Enron, Tyco and Worldcom
  • more Washington Post articles Scroll way down for headlines and links to many corporate articles
  • Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Santa Clara University's ethics center site, with extensive business ethics articles, cases, and links to many business ethics websites
  • Newslinks at Business Recent news articles pertaining to business ethics (has an Adelphia article right now)
  • The Business Ethics Blog News and commentary about business ethics. The blog of Chris McDonald, a Canadian professor of philosophy and president of the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics, editorial board member on a business ethics journal, and so forth (but he discusses mostly American companies). Try the Search This Blog feature to find entries on specific companies; Enron is discussed quite a bit.
  • Busness News Recent Articles on NBC News
  • PBS NOW From 2003, this page has information on several big business scandals.
  • Corporate Ethics and Governance A list of companies who have had filings against them. Use search box to find a specific company (ex: Martha Stewart Living)
  • The Huffington Post Recent articles on business ethics from The Huffington Post