Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
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Websites on Egyptian mythology and religion:

Ancient Egypt: The Mythology Comprehensive site with the gods, myths, symbols, and links to religious places in Egypt as well as other Egyptian myth websites 

Encyclopedia Mythica Egyptian articles

Ancient Egypt A British Museum site. Click on the picture if the menu does not come up right away; move your mouse over the stone tablet to see sections. Click EXPLORE to see a picture list of gods.

Tour Religion of ancient Egypt as presented by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

Encyclopedia Britannica article on egyptian religion, with many images.

AbleOne Classics Technology Center: Ancient Egyptian Gods

Crystalinks Egyptian Gods Index Looking for the main list? Scroll ALL the way down the page.

Legends of the Gods Text of a 1912 book with many Eygptian legends

Akhet Egyptology

The Ancient Egypt Site This site is a general overview of ancient Egypt, with a keyword index for individual names. Use the keyword link to look up particular people.

King Tut Egyptian Gods pages The website dedicated to all things King Tut also has extensive information on ancient Egyptian religion.

List of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and a brief description

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: Gods and Religion This online "virtual gallery" is a collection of photos of items in the museum, with captions (click on Image), or you can view a short video about each item (which tends to give more information than the captions alone).

Guardian's Egypt: Gods and Goddesses A list of many other websites on Egyptian religion (some of which are repeated from our list above).