Animals of the Everglades

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Friends of the Everglades Has an extensive animal photo gallery; click on "PhotoGlades" at the left.

Exploring Ecosystems Click on "The Everglades" and follow the arrows to  learn about this ecosystem. From Harcourt School Publishers.

National Park Service: Everglades Ecosystem Click on "Nature and Science" on the lefthand side, to find out more about the animals in the Everglades.

What are Wetlands?

Factmonster: Everglade

Everglades School Project Created by students, this site has good animal information.

Everglades Park History

CERP: Plants and Animals of the Everglades The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan's website

CERP: Why restore the Everglades? 

National Wildlife Federation: Everglades

Gator Hole: Endangered Species of the Everglades Museum of Natural History site, good photos

Exciting Animals of the Florida Everglades A student-made Thinkquest site