1492: An Ongoing Voyage A Library of Congress exhibit on Christopher Columbus and the world in and before 1492.

The Mariners' Museum: Age of Exploration Check out this excellent site for biographies of explorers, maps and routes, timelines and more. (Click on a purple link in the list "Browse the Age of Exploration.") Also, play the games: Merchants of the Great Exchange (dark blue box at bottom of page), where you sail around the world trading for supplies and goods; or Your Lunch: Then and Now, where you will learn about the history of today's food and how it connects to early explorers.

Conquistadors Website for the PBS series, has information on Cort├ęs, Orellana, Pizarro, and Cabeza de Vaca

Women Explorers Timeline from National Geographic 

The Life and Voyages of Henry Hudson 

Passages; A Treasure Trove of North American Exploration A Canadian website with a wealth of information on North American explorers. 

Zoom Explorers An Enchanted Learning site. Click on a blue letter in the middle of the page to pick an explorer.

Empire of the Bay PBS site on the explorers of the Hudson's Bay Company, including Jacques Cartier, Samuel De Champlain and Henry Hudson

World Explorers PBS site giving information about various explorers both ancient and modern

History of the Northwest Coast A brief look at explorers of the Northwest Coast, including the James Cook expedition

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Polar Explorer! A fun interactive site for learning what it was like to explore the Poles.

Robert Peary: To the Top of the World PBS American Experience Brief biography of this explorer, as part of the site connected to Alone on the Ice, the PBS film about Richard Byrd

Peary and Henson 1909 Expedition to the North Pole

About Frederick A. Cook from the Frederick A. Cook Society website

Robert Falcon Scott and the South Pole from the Cool Antarctica site

Biography of Roald Amundson from South-Pole.com

Spanish Explorers of the Elizabethan Age Scroll way down to find the complete list of explorers covered by this site

Major European Explorers from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Spanish Explorers of Florida For information about each explorer, click on either the "WEB" or "PDF" version of each Reading Passage.

Famous Explorers' Biographies from Kids Info has links to biographies of explorers from around the world