Forest Fires and Firefighting

Forest Fires

Yellowstone National Park Wildland Fire Management

Yellowstone National Park Click on "Mountains" and then scroll down to see the section about the 1988 fires, and photos.

FUSEE: Firefighters United for Safety Ethics and Ecology See the various topics sections on the lefthand side

Wildland Fire from the Wilderness Society How fire can be good for ecology. Click on the link "on the ground" to hear a podcast about fire saving a forest

Sierra Club Conservation Policy on Fire Management on Public Lands

National Wildfires To access information, click on tiny white lettering tabs "The Effect," "The Phenomena" etc.

Fighting Forest Fires A Canadian Broadcasting Company site, this has video clips of high tech equipment and firefighters in action!

Firefighting Occupational Information Nature of the work, training conditions, salary, and other facts about being a firefighter

Fighting Forest Fires From Space European Space Agency website article

Yukon Firefighting Methods Another Canadian site with interesting info on their firefighting methods

Hotshots! U.S. Forest Service Hotshot Crews, special teams of multi-skilled professional firefighters

FireZone Information on forest fires from Infoplease